Katie + Andrew | Married

I can’t think of the last time I went out and celebrated New Years Eve.  I’m pretty sure it was B.K. (before kids)!  But I know for sure there was one awesome party going on in the city last night.  One celebrating Katie and Andrew’s marriage.  I woke up feeling a little nervous for Katie.  I’m sure when she planned her wedding for the end of December her vision had pictures with pure white snow and sparkly Christmas lights.  For those of you not here in Saint John for this wedding it was 5ºC and pouring rain.  The grass was green.  There were no leaves on the trees.  Looked more like the end of October than the end of the year!  But I was the only one that seemed concerned.  Like many of the brides we’ve photographed before her, Katie could care less about the weather.  Nothing seemed to cause her smile to fade.  I can tell that this was the happiest day of Katie’s life and nothing else mattered but having Andrew beside her.  There was just an overwhelming feeling of calm and love.  Even Andrew, this being the first time I met him, seemed only to care for Katie’s happiness.  And when she was with him, he smiled.  Content.  Life as it should be.  Happily ever after.

Given the weather and the time frames we had, mostly Beaver shot, so you’ll have to stay tuned to facebook for a sneak peek of Beaver’s images.  So I’m going to give a sneak peek from the church.  I have to admit.  I was a little nervous…no…that’s not the right word.  I know we can shoot anywhere, in any kind of light but typically we are given a little latitude.  Where we can shoot.  How we can shoot.  Yesterday, we improvised a bit.  I took the balcony.  I have to say, I stayed there the whole time.  From the first shutter click I loved what I saw.  The warm tones, the lights in the ceiling drawing your eye right to the couple. The way they were lit on the stage – it was like being at the theatre.  I could take in the whole scene and still see the smiles on their faces. 

Katie and Andrew, thank you for sharing your big day with us.  It was a pleasure.  Your smiles and kindness make our day very enjoyable.  Enjoy your sneak peek. Best wishes for the new year!

Katie and Andew

Penny Wolfe - January 1, 2012 - 4:33 PM

Thanks for the comment Adam! Nice when someone familiar with the church thinks we made it look good!! Such a small world! It was my first time photographing at that church! Your dad gave a great service!

Adam Graham - January 1, 2012 - 4:24 PM

Great shot. It’s not the most ornate place in the world but you made it look great. That’s my dad who is doing the ceremony.