Papadopoulos Family Fun…….

Oh WOW……these guys were just having way too much fun!   And that is just the way I had hoped it would go………it had snowed earlier and the day was a little dark, dreary and cool but this family was determined to get out and have some fun.  A trip to Rockwood Park proved to be just the thing.  There were a few “traditional” shots taken but I can tell you not many!  With this family all I had to do was keep the camera ready – they were not waiting for anyone.

And for me this is my second blog post this weekend……………..a new record I think  l;^)


Janet Cripps - November 1, 2010 - 5:46 PM

Said it before, I’ll say it again, Beaver you have the vision. Beautiful!

Frank Whitenect - November 1, 2010 - 12:19 PM

Awesome photos, Beaver! I can see what you mean about this family being on the move. Yet, with all that action, you still managed to capture some beautiful pictures of them having fun together!

beautiful work, my friend!

All the Best,