A Beaver Bio…….

Last weekend I had the good fortune to be asked by the nice people at Urban Deli to hang/exhibit a few prints of “the uptown area” as part of their open house promoting the catering business.  Now I have to admit that it was a huge honor/opportunity – one I will be grateful forever to Liz/Fran & Gord.  And I also would like to thank Uptown Saint John for their support.

In an effort  to promote the event there was an interview conducted and a short promo video produced.

As part of putting on this little show of my uptown images I wrote a short bio and thought I would post it – perhaps there are things here that people do not know about me.  The bio is written in 3rd person because that was what I found while googling the task of writing a bio.

I met lots of great people that night, for those who made it out – thank you.  For those that could make it – hopefully there will be another opportunity!